Love. Togetherness. Expression.

These are the values and beliefs that make up the ideology of MOTUS. These are the creeds that keep our members connected, not only with our audience, but with each other.

At the heart of MOTUS are the Bateria players that give the band its Batucada edge. Having played together for more than 7 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Baracuda Batucada, there is synergy and synchronization in our movements and heart in the music that we create. Complementing the Bateria is the lineup of vocalists and instrumentalists who add a distinct style of melody and harmonies that keep our music current and engaging.

MOTUS is made up of individuals from varied musical backgrounds. Each member flavours our music in their own way, giving it an unmistakable yet conventional tune. While the band follows a very strong musical direction rooted in Samba music, the MOTUS sound is not restricted or limited by genre. The skillset and expertise of the members combined gives MOTUS’ soundscape endless possibilities for musical productions and collaborations.

MOTUS is Latin for ‘movement’. We aim to convey this message not only through our choreography, but through the physical and emotional journey that our music takes our audiences on. Our vision is to create music that resonates with our audiences and allows them to move with the band, as one. To love and to express, together.