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‘Trends change but good music last decades & shaping the world is to make a little noise’ – FOTF 2017

Flame Of The Forest [FOTF] is an Eclectic Instrumental World Music Band from the Sunny Island of Singapore. A smooth blend of instruments with a diverse range of influences.

Their unique blend of original compositions which aimed to explore new dimensions of musical experiences, concocting a refreshing blend of music
that has a universal appeal.

FOTF as actually formed in 1986 by Kenny Tan, K.Subramanian & Nantha Kumar as a dynamic trio who shared the love of music. In time, the baton was passed down to his two sons, Krsna Tan and Govin Tan. Despite facing many difficulties, new blood and fresh musical perspectives gained along their journey have reinvigorated the band and its music.

The current lineup consists of Krsna Tan (Sitar), Govin Tan (Tabla Kit), Jeffrey Tan (Violin), Caleb Koa (Keyboard), Andy Chong (Electric Guitar) &
Arthur Adika Wiyono (Electric Bass). FOTF aims to give an enhanced perspective on the musical alchemy that they have developed by showcasing the various combinations of World Music genres.