Bands like Foo Fighters

In a Bieber and Drake-filled world, it’s nice to know the Foo Fighters are still proudly waving the flag of mainstream rock. Their loud anthemic sounds made up of soaring guitars, Grohl’s gritty vocals, and thumping drums continue to appeal to legions of fans around the world. Bands like Foo Fighters give us hope that rock is not truly dead.

Bands like Foo Fighters Bands Similar to Foo Fighters

Thankfully, Grohl’s crew aren’t the only shining examples of modern rock music done right. Here are 5 stadium rock bands like Foo Fighters equally worth checking out!

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Hailing from Australia, EMPRA is a rock band known for their uplifting messages, old-skool rock vibes, and catchy melodies. The band’s name is actually an anagram of the ancient Sanskrit word “Prema”, which stands for ‘universal love’.

While no longer active, EMPRA enjoyed considerable airplay on Australian community and South East Asian radio stations. The band also managed to infiltrate college stations across the US, thanks partly to extensive touring.

With powerhouse rock anthems like Doesn’t Make Much Sense and Rebecca, EMPRA are a must-listen for anyone keen on more rock bands like Foo Fighters.

2. Queens of the Stone Age

A little more eclectic than Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age has gone through fairly radical lineup changes over the years. Nonetheless, one thing remains: this band knows how to rock! They’ve chosen to stick true to their drum / bass / guitar roots, even as they aren’t afraid to experiment around the genre margins.

Music buffs keen on other bands like Foo Fighters will be pleased with QOTSA’s expansive song repertoire. Staple songs include No One Knows (which Grohl plays on), Burn the Witch, and The Way You Used to Do.   

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3. Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect will appeal to rock fans for their unique blend of classic guitar riffs, existential lyrics, and anthemic song chorus builds. Founded by twins Rich and Ryan Meyer, the band began their early days as a cover band, before quickly developing their own style.

Moreover, critical acclaim has not evaded Highly Suspect, with most of their releases receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Great introductory tracks include SerotoniaLittle One, and Bloodfeather.

4. Wolfmother

Wolfmother, just like Dave Grohl, are huge admirers of Led Zeppelin. And the influence clearly shows with the band’s hypnotic blend of jangly guitars, wailing vocals, and rock-steady rhythm section.

Like EMPRA, Wolfmother also have their roots in Australia, although it wasn’t long before the band’s music began to soar across continents, thanks in part to an international Universal deal.

Popular Wolfmother tracks include WomanMind’s Eye, and Joker & the Thief

5. Royal Blood

Rock fans wanting more bands like Foo Fighters will find an instant affinity to Royal Blood’s anthemic choruses, raging guitars, and hard-hitting drums. Their music videos also tend to include quirky tongue-in-cheek imagery and offbeat humor.

Additionally, Royal Blood are minimalists when it comes to members, featuring only the multi-instrumentalist duo of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. Nevertheless, these guys know how to create a big sound, as heard in songs like Out of the Black & Lights Out

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