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    ‘Trends change but good music last decades & shaping the world is to make a little noise’ – FOTF 2017

    Flame Of The Forest [FOTF] is an Eclectic Instrumental World Music Band from the Sunny Island of Singapore. A smooth blend of instruments with a diverse range of influences.

    Their unique blend of original compositions which aimed to explore new dimensions of musical experiences, concocting a refreshing blend of music
    that has a universal appeal.

    FOTF as actually formed in 1986 by Kenny Tan, K.Subramanian & Nantha Kumar as a dynamic trio who shared the love of music. In time, the baton was passed down to his two sons, Krsna Tan and Govin Tan. Despite facing many difficulties, new blood and fresh musical perspectives gained along their journey have reinvigorated the band and its music.

    The current lineup consists of Krsna Tan (Sitar), Govin Tan (Tabla Kit), Jeffrey Tan (Violin), Caleb Koa (Keyboard), Andy Chong (Electric Guitar) &
    Arthur Adika Wiyono (Electric Bass). FOTF aims to give an enhanced perspective on the musical alchemy that they have developed by showcasing the various combinations of World Music genres.



    Love. Togetherness. Expression.

    These are the values and beliefs that make up the ideology of MOTUS. These are the creeds that keep our members connected, not only with our audience, but with each other.

    At the heart of MOTUS are the Bateria players that give the band its Batucada edge. Having played together for more than 7 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Baracuda Batucada, there is synergy and synchronization in our movements and heart in the music that we create. Complementing the Bateria is the lineup of vocalists and instrumentalists who add a distinct style of melody and harmonies that keep our music current and engaging.

    MOTUS is made up of individuals from varied musical backgrounds. Each member flavours our music in their own way, giving it an unmistakable yet conventional tune. While the band follows a very strong musical direction rooted in Samba music, the MOTUS sound is not restricted or limited by genre. The skillset and expertise of the members combined gives MOTUS’ soundscape endless possibilities for musical productions and collaborations.

    MOTUS is Latin for ‘movement’. We aim to convey this message not only through our choreography, but through the physical and emotional journey that our music takes our audiences on. Our vision is to create music that resonates with our audiences and allows them to move with the band, as one. To love and to express, together.


    The MadHatter Project can be easily recognised through its piano-centred, synthesiser-based sound and its distinctive storytelling style.

    Since its debut in 2014, the band has shown its ability in crafting shows that fit the diversity of stages it has been allowed on. This has earned plaudits from audiences and professionals alike,
    culminating in the winning of the 2015 Noise Singapore Award under the mentorship of Bani Haykal. They have since gone on to stage their own multi-disciplinary productions, including ’For the Time Being’ in 2017 using the NAC Noise Grant Award, and ’Sarong Party’ in 2019 in support of YaleNUS and the Singapore Bicentennial Office’s “The Future of Our Pasts” festival.

    The band spends most of its time offstage moaning about the travails of their football clubs and arguing over what food to eat. The only thing they can agree on is sambal stingray.


    the music band the oddfellows in black and white photography

    The Oddfellows were formed in early 1988 and played their debut gig in June at the Singapore Arts Festival. After several shows, a couple of cassette releases and two songs on the New School Rock CD compilation in 1990, the band released their debut album, “Teenage Head” in 1991. It spawned the massive radio number 1 hit, “So Happy”, a first for a Singaporean indie band. The Oddies, as they were also affectionately known as, scored another radio number 1 with “Unity Song” the following year when they released their second album, “Carnival”. A staple on the radio in the 1990s, The Oddfellows were invited and performed at the iconic Sing50 concert at the Singapore Sports Hub in 2015.


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    Previously a folk singer-songwriter project, 2019’s Bravepaper has just undergone some major sound changes with the introduction of new members citing varied influences from emo to metalcore.

    While the dark, cathartic elements are still intact, the newly formed 4 piece act have traded melancholic acoustics for a grittier, heavier hitting band sound with contagious energy.

    The acoustic EP titled “Heavy & Light” released end 2017 was mentioned by Juice Singapore as Singapore’s 5 best local releases of the year. More new music can be expected end 2019.


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    singer playing his musical instrument on stage surrounded by dark lights

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    EVANTURETIME is the musical alias of Singaporean producer, Evan Low. The young producer blends genres, concepts and found sounds into a unique auditory narrative that is undeniably and uniquely his.

    A Berklee College of Music alumnus who graduated with a major in Professional Music, Evanturetime is highly accomplished – a force to be reckoned with despite only a young career. He has already engineered for international artists such as David Foster and Nathan East, and composed for international brands such as Adidas and eBay, artists such as Nathan Hartono and Linying; the man is also currently Music Director for Singapore music heavyweights The Sam Willows and iNCH, with his multi-hyphenated involvement in the creative scene including multidisciplinary work in collaboration with the likes of artist Sam Lo (SKL0) and urban dance stalwart cool kids O School.

    Evan continues to hit hard in both commercial and artistic realms. While taking strides as co-Founder and the creative lead on music and audio of burgeoning commercial audio production house Zendyll Productions, the wunderkind is also stewing some explosive new collaborative Evanturetime material that straddles pop and electronica with refined minimalism. Stay tuned.


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    brandon lum from brannlum performing on stage

    brandon lum from brannlum playing the piano keyboard on stage

    Brannlum (Brandon Lum) is an electronic music producer based in Singapore. Brannlum’s love for music started while playing in a band growing up. Since then, his music interest has grown and evolved. Brannlum found his place creating electronic music. Inspired by various artists such as Illenium, Porter Robinson, Above and Beyond and more, Brannlum’s music pulls elements from different genres to create addictive beats with a twist. Brannlum’s music combines strong melodic elements with dance beats, bringing his listeners on an unforgettable emotional journey.

    Brannlum released his debut single Memories in July 2017 after performing at various venues around Singapore. He released You Are on Elysian Records in late 2018, before ending the year with a tour the SingaKorean tour. 2019 has been a quiet year so far but he has an arsenal of unreleased music waiting for the world to hear.



    hirzi doing stand up comedy

    Hirzi started his career as an online personality producing parodies, skits and satires on Youtube. Over the years Hirzi has crossed over from the Internet to doing works in TV, film and theatre. In 2012, Mediacorp commissioned his very own television show called ‘Munah and Hirzi, Action!’ and he conceptualised and wrote his first TV series, ‘Interns The Series’ in 2014.

    His debut on the big screen in a Singaporean-Taiwanese co-production for a Chinese film called ‘The Big Day’ screened in June 2018. And earlier in January 2018 he conceptualised and starred in his first sold out live show called “Munah and Hirzi Live, Curtain Call” at Capitol Theatre. Hirzi has since produced many sold out stand up shows throughout 2018.

    His most recent screen appearance would be an 8 episode BBC reality TV format called Stupid Man Smart Phone that aired on Channel 5 in May 2019.


    tell lie vision singaporean band

    Tell Lie Vision, often known by the acronym TLV, is a collective of 4 individuals from Singapore. Formed in 2012, Tell Lie Vision has progressively evolved throughout the years with line up and musical changes. The band has released their debut self-titled EP Tell Lie Vision in 2015 consisting of 4 songs to formally present to the masses of what TLV represents. After playing various festivals locally and internationally such as Baybeats Music Festival (SG), IGNITE Music festival (SG) and Isla Music festival (PH), Tell lie vision followed up with a release of 2 Singles titled Every cloud has a Silver lining and Ward 7 Bed 3 in late 2017 coupling with a music video release.

    The group consists of Vocalist/Guitarist Vikkash Suruchand, Vocalist/Guitarist Hairul Azman, bassist Irfan Samsuri and Vocalist/Drummer Lester Chua. They label themselves as an Independent collective. Tell Lie Vision has released a website for fans to get updates on what the band is currently working on.

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